Yael Shulman, Camera Operator and Editor, resides and works in New York City. In May 2017, Yael became an Associate Member of the Society of Camera Operators (SOC) and additionally received a sponsorship with Tokina lenses.

For over the past 11 years, Yael worked as a freelance camera operator and editor for films, branded content, documentaries, live and multi-camera productions, web content and broadcast television.

In March 2018, Yael joined MakerBot full-time as their Editor/Shooter. In October 2018, Yael became MakerBot’s full-time Video Editor.

Yael's clients include: Pepsi, TEDx,, TokinaCollege Humor, Home Shopping Network, The Studio B&HOpenTable, Variety'47 Brand,CNBCHBO, Showtime, WWDComplex, GQ, Island Records, PBS, Belvedere Vodka, and American Ballet Theater.

After graduating with a BFA in Film and Video from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, he decided to make cinematography and camera operating his career.

Yael's visual style has been described as intuitive. Composition has always been his strength and having an eye for great shots has been the key to his success for the past decade in the film industry. In May 2014, Yael received a certificate from RED Digital Cinema for completion of  REDucation at AbelCine taught by Mark Pederson of OffHollywood.

Camera Operating in December, 2017 on  RED  Dragon,  Cooke  S4/i 32mm lens,  Wooden Camera  top handle,  Bright Tangerine  Matte Box, and  SmallHD  AC7 monitor in back.

Camera Operating in December, 2017 on RED Dragon, Cooke S4/i 32mm lens, Wooden Camera top handle, Bright Tangerine Matte Box, and SmallHD AC7 monitor in back.

Yael is proficient in operating many different types of cameras from RED, Sony, to Canon C-Series Super35 sensor cameras. If there's a camera Yael hasn't operated yet, he learns new ones on the job, usually in less than 5 minutes.

Currently, Yael is a fluent video editor on Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Over the years, Yael has built great business friendships with film rental & sales houses, camera technicians and staff, lens brands, gear companies and continues building new ones every day. 

Yael always shoots and edits videos with the highest level of creativity, passion and instinct. Additionally, Yael is not only an expert in creative awesome, engaging branded video content, but a video creator and user on all the latest social media platforms.

Yael's personal short and feature film camera work has won numerous awards and have been screened at film festivals globally including The Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner, SXSW and The Tribeca Film Festival.

Yael Shulman is also a prolific digital photographer, NASA fan, skateboarding enthusiast, retro arcade gamer, and small-batch coffee drinker.

To view Yael's resume, click here to download it.

Film Awards and Notable Official Selections:

"Concrete Wave Social Club" - 2016 NY Shorts Fest (Role: Director/DP/Editor)

"Mistaken for Strangers" - 2013 Tribeca Film Festival Opening Night Film (Role: Live Performance Camera Operator)

"Rock and Water" - 2009 Cannes Film Festival - Short Film Corner (Role: Director/DP/Editor)

"Fury" 2008 Cannes Film Festival - Short Film Corner (Role: Director/DP/Editor)

"The Clean Machine" - IFC Media Lab Lounge Showcase at 2006 SXSW Film Festival (Role: Director/DP/Editor)

WINNER: "Fury" Paranoid Park Skate Film Contest / Tartan Films (Role: Director/DP/Editor)

FINALIST: "Independence =" 2007 Independent Spirt Awards Short Film Contest / IFC (Role: Director/DP/Editor)

FINALIST:  "My Childhood Ambition" - 2006 Tribeca Film Festival 15 Second Clip Competition (Role: Director/DP/Editor)

Current Camera Operating Fluency

Current Camera Gear Expertise

Current Lens Expertise

Current Post-Production Fluency


» Composition
» Camera Movement
» Creative Direction
» Branded Content
» Slowmotion
» Short Form Video Content
» Live And Multi-Camera Operating
» Sports Cinematography

Lens Expertise:
» Tokina Vista Primes and Zoom Lenses
» Rokinon Cine Series Lenses
» Canon L Series Lenses

Hardware Proficiency:
» Gimbals
» Easyrig and Flycam rigs
» Manfrotto Tripods/Monopods
» Shoulder Rigs
» Camera Cages

Additional Camera Formats:  
» Digital Photography
» Pano Glitch / Pano Photography Specialist

Social Media Video:
» Instagram
» Facebook
» LinkedIn

Post Production Specialties:  
» Precise Video Editing
» Soundtracking Videos

» Brand Sponsorships. Currently, I am sponsored by Tokina lenses
» Strong Film Gear Brands/Sales & Rental House relationships
» Social Media partnership with brands in exchange for film gear or branded clothing






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