All Images © Yael Shulman

When I'm not shooting videos, in my spare time, one of my favorite hobbies is shooting digital photos, specifically on my iPhone. It's not only a fun way to experiment with new angles, light and shots, but another medium for me to get creative behind the lens. I think all cameras have potentiaI with enough practice and I like to push that potential in the iPhone whenever I get a chance. Sometimes I believe limit creatives unlimited creativity. 

Even though I own a DSLR camera, I enjoy the limitedness of only taking photos on the iPhone. It pushes me to be as creative as possible within the confines of the phone's camera abilities. I mostly take pictures of destinations I've traveled to, but my favorite thing to shoot the most is New York City life.

 I also specialize in Panoramic Glitch photography. So I thought I'd share a few pictures in this gallery just for fun. If you're interested in hiring me to have a photograph taken, please contact me. Enjoy!


© Yael Shulman